Written Refinement | Approaching Criticism On Past Posts

I began by revisiting one of my past blog posts and reading it through with criticism. It was little to no surprise that the year old post made me chuckle. Altruism, as the title goes, was the purpose of the message. However, the message itself leaves the reader confused with uninterpreted details and rhetorical questions. … Continue reading Written Refinement | Approaching Criticism On Past Posts

To Myself

It’s way too easy to tell others your intentions. You can be completely honest about what you want to do and still not do it. This is your dilemma; you want to tell stories but haven’t put in effort. You don’t even read books or research what is important in storytelling. The ideas and imagery … Continue reading To Myself

Starting the Social Connection

I'm one month into my summer without a job, and I developed this irresistible urge to become connected through social media. For now, I'm pushing aside any negative connotations that social media receives because I know that I'm careful regardless. My pursuit to continue writing has lead me so far as to get involved in a … Continue reading Starting the Social Connection