Written Refinement | Approaching Criticism On Past Posts

I began by revisiting one of my past blog posts and reading it through with criticism. It was little to no surprise that the year old post made me chuckle. Altruism, as the title goes, was the purpose of the message. However, the message itself leaves the reader confused with uninterpreted details and rhetorical questions.

The reason why I find it so ridiculous is because I tried to be deep. My desire to use “fancy” wording made me completely ignore sentence structure and my focus on the topic. Additionally, I attempted to relate objects to physicality and attributed multiple metaphors to one word. As I reflect back, I was writing in light of my current situation and what surrounded me. It should be forgivable to have written whatever instantly came to mind.

Nevertheless, upon this revisitation, I have turned my own criticism into intellectual growth. It’s an opportunity to realize the significance of experimental writing through perpetual practice. More writing plus more critiquing equals improvement. This basic reminder will render confidence in my capabilities as a writer in years to come.



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