College Day 162 – Close Call

(February 26, Friday) I spent the night hanging out with my friends because their one roommate had left to spend the weekend with her parents. After dinner, we played some games and had some interesting yet gross talks to say the least. During our conversations their roommate was brought up and I instantly started thinking … Continue reading College Day 162 – Close Call

College Day 158 – Voluntary Stress?

(February 22, Monday) I had decided to pursue my plan during lunch after my early class; however, it wasn't convenient timing. I thought for sure I would have a chance that day but I ended up gaining a headache and stressing over upcoming homework and the fact that I still have the conversation dangling by … Continue reading College Day 158 – Voluntary Stress?

College Day 127 – Company and Age

(January 22, Friday) As I sit and enjoy the presence of my best friends, I gradually begin to love the idea of aging and simply being around people I love. This time is precious and we will never know when it will be taken from us. Whatever other activities that I had planned for the day … Continue reading College Day 127 – Company and Age

College Day 116 – Deepest Moment

(January 11, Monday) I never thought I would end up having a deep conversation with all five of my roommates from 11pm to 1am. We talked about my current worldview and the specifics within (which I won't mention). I felt so connected and curious in thought. My head was aching yet my soul was open … Continue reading College Day 116 – Deepest Moment

College Day 112 – Responsibility

(January 7, Thursday) Today's intriguing thought: Today as I spent time with my friends a thought came across my mind. I realized that my friends, and even roommates, in my eyes, are all more productive and on-top of things such as their homework. What I see is them taking their free time to work on what … Continue reading College Day 112 – Responsibility

Pain With Purpose

I could be easily misunderstood if I were to tell people “I enjoy emotional pain.” Yes, it is equivocal and slightly controversial; however, my attitude about pain depends on my reaction to it. This pain often derives from a series of unfortunate events that, in my mind, affect me negatively. Nevertheless, the negative effects mean … Continue reading Pain With Purpose