Chiropractic Concern

They adjust my neck whereby my foundations stand. It’s that feeling when they grasp and twist with quick force, All in attempt to loosen the problem and pinch out the pain. Their chiropractic concern becomes the main course. No–No, stop, I’d rather have you readjust your hand Give that feeling when you clench and cut off … Continue reading Chiropractic Concern

A Feeling

The feeling of unknown Makes fighting worth the risk To shun a life alone While living full and brisk. But in your weary soul Joy is coupled with pain Rejections fill the hole And happiness you feign. Love is not worth sharing If not for one to love To stay and be caring Putting others … Continue reading A Feeling

College Day 139 – Bearing the Pain

(February 3, Wednesday) I might conclude that it was probably one of the most miserable days I have had in a while, at least physically speaking. My diet consisted of water, chicken noodle soup, a turkey sandwich, banana, and more water (and a fruit smoothie cause why not?). The main reason I was stressed, aside … Continue reading College Day 139 – Bearing the Pain

College Day 113 – Pain Is Given

(January 8, Friday) Whether it is by yourself or others, emotional pain is given to you. It is not some sort of trait we inherited; rather, it is something we inevitably have to deal with. Today I was watching a very dramatic TV show with my friends and one of the episodes happened to be … Continue reading College Day 113 – Pain Is Given

Pain With Purpose

I could be easily misunderstood if I were to tell people “I enjoy emotional pain.” Yes, it is equivocal and slightly controversial; however, my attitude about pain depends on my reaction to it. This pain often derives from a series of unfortunate events that, in my mind, affect me negatively. Nevertheless, the negative effects mean … Continue reading Pain With Purpose