Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 7 – Going Nowhere in Particular

“Life puts you anywhere.” Do you ever feel like you are moving, pursuing, living without any initial direction? Does your future, as uncertain as it seems, give you discomfort? Think about it, but then take time to think about the fact that you are still active. You are moving, pursuing, living, though you may be … Continue reading Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 7 – Going Nowhere in Particular

College Day 199 – Finding Figurative Matter

(April 12, Tuesday) My dreary, long walks to and from restaurants and classes mostly consisted of me thinking about the direction of the next week. I observed the life around me and realized that everything seemed normal to everyone else. I'm in my own world of disbelief. Summer is coming and I'm not nearly as … Continue reading College Day 199 – Finding Figurative Matter

Talking to Myself

As positive and hopeful as I might seem, I have absolutely no idea where I want my future or where my future is headed. I have a dream and a goal, and that is about it. I let the future worry for itself; the rest will fall in place accordingly. Our present words and actions … Continue reading Talking to Myself

College Day 113 – Pain Is Given

(January 8, Friday) Whether it is by yourself or others, emotional pain is given to you. It is not some sort of trait we inherited; rather, it is something we inevitably have to deal with. Today I was watching a very dramatic TV show with my friends and one of the episodes happened to be … Continue reading College Day 113 – Pain Is Given

College Day 56 – Video Games

(October 12, Monday) Today's intriguing thought: My roommate and I reminisced about our past and how we were addicted to video games. Since we were the "nerds" of the time, we knew the popular games back in our middle school years. These video games were not only our motivation for each day, they taught us some lessons … Continue reading College Day 56 – Video Games