College Day 194 – Ambitious Six

(April 7, Thursday) All of my roommates and I finally got around to planning when we would take our picture together. The six of us and one of our friends went on top of the parking garage in the late afternoon to get the pictures. Without a doubt, the opportunity of being around all six of … Continue reading College Day 194 – Ambitious Six

It’s Difficult

Show me a story about love- ly people. True or not, everyone wants to be heard, they want to be acknowledged, yet they might call you absurd. Life is all for show- ing love. Truly, this would be an answered prayer towards those looking for acceptance, and more than cynical care. End the existence of … Continue reading It’s Difficult

College Day 160 – Relationships Part 8

(February 24, Wednesday) It happened: the conversation. However, before I give details I want to share my day before then. I began the day with my math class and then headed over to the writing group, which is every Wednesday at 11:15. To say the least, it was a small yet quite observant group of individuals … Continue reading College Day 160 – Relationships Part 8

College Day 142 – Relationships Part 7

(February 6, Saturday) It has been a while since I typed another one of these reflections, but today I realized the significance of my temporary sickness. I am young in love; too young to be in love. I have dismissed my expectations to non-existence because I still have a desire to learn and observe more as I … Continue reading College Day 142 – Relationships Part 7