It’s currently 2017 and I’ve had this blog for some years now. I thoroughly enjoy this platform as I am able to share my own stories, poems, and witty thoughts. However, the best part is the community. I love to see other people’s creations and interact with them. I hope you find a similar interest as I have.

Withinreality has changed throughout the years and serves to show the progression of my life. Most of the posts will remain unchanged as something worth looking back to. Every error, mistake, and struggle is a reminder that even in the worst of situations, there is still hope for improvement and change. Likewise, some of my poetry is objectively good or bad, and some of my life events are good and some are bad. What matters is that I’ve continued to stay motivated through thick and thin. My prayer is that you do the same.

Since you’ve read this far already, I encourage you to read at least one of my posts.

Feel free to post and talk to me!

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    1. We’re in the same boat; a coincidence? Maybe. Nevertheless, we have the option to keep rowing through life. It is much easier to do so with others who share the sentiment. I wish you the best in college, thanks for reading! šŸ™‚

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