Making Progress

The house is open, progressive and full of kits and keys for simple sounds. Synths start and synchronize and hints toward the climax, before the four hit the floor. Beat, kick, shrill, beat; the synths and drums drill and floors shake when the bass and speakers meet. Four to the floor, until the Synth sings … Continue reading Making Progress

College Day 179 – Missing Out

(March 14, Monday) It was another soccer day that I was finally prepared for. However, I assumed that the time was at 8:15pm again. There was a postseason basketball game tonight at 7pm as well, and I figured that I would prioritize my game over the basketball game. When I got ready and went outside … Continue reading College Day 179 – Missing Out

College Day 178 – Rise and Shine

(March 13, Sunday) This was it, the big day. Two essays to write and around 15 hours for both. I forced my not-so-innocent body to wake up at 8:30am and write my benchmark essay without stopping and distraction. I am happy to say that I finished–with a solid 4 hours of deep research, theological studying, … Continue reading College Day 178 – Rise and Shine

College Day 177 – Poor Choice?

(March 12, Saturday) I spent my early morning finishing up my English essay and got close to starting my second essay at around 5pm. However, my roommate was going to a music festival and asked if I wanted to go with him since my friend's roommate was driving him. I figured I'd have enough time … Continue reading College Day 177 – Poor Choice?

College Day 173 – Grovechella

(March 8, Tuesday) I had no idea what this event, "Grovechella," was even about. All I know is that I only considered going because one of my old friends invited me to hear her band perform. I concluded that it was mostly going to be music. Before its beginning at 4:30, I spent my time … Continue reading College Day 173 – Grovechella

College Day 163 – Relationships Part 9

(February 27, Saturday) I finally deciding to go sun tanning with my roommate after putting it off for so long. We spent the time listening to some music and then talking about relationships and the experience I just went through. He helped me come to terms with my thoughts and decisions with relationships, especially the … Continue reading College Day 163 – Relationships Part 9

College Day 147 – Valentines Encore

(February 11, Thursday) It was called Valentines Encore night. A couple hundred people and my friends and I went to this event that was held in the arena. It was just a bunch of valentines related music that various student groups performed. The highlight of the night was some dude's poem. It was called "10 … Continue reading College Day 147 – Valentines Encore

College Day 128 – 2:30am Pancakes

(January 23, Saturday) It was close to midnight and my roommate asked me if I wanted to play basketball with him and another friend or two. I figured heck, why not, I haven't been outside all day. We played for a little over an hour and decided to go to Denny's for some early breakfast. … Continue reading College Day 128 – 2:30am Pancakes

College Day 114 – Relationships Part 5

(January 9, Saturday) Around the afternoon I spent a little over an hour listening to abstract music and sitting, thinking, deciding if there is a right or wrong answer regarding the approach to a relationship. I know that I have talked to many people, my friends, and my family about their opinions on how and … Continue reading College Day 114 – Relationships Part 5