Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 3 – Resisting Reality

“Life is easily misunderstood.” Sometimes the good feelings aren’t always the ones you need, but they are definitely what you want. It’s too hard to resist. Whether it’s friends, family, or lovers, you feel obliged to give them what you’ve got. But often “what you’ve got” is a large list of personal problems, goals, and … Continue reading Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 3 – Resisting Reality

Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 1 – Omniscient Predicament

“Life just isn’t the same.” I motioned my eyes from my clammy palm to the window. Its shades were shadowed from the grey evening. The subtle hint of leftover daylight caused me to question my use of time. There was nothing more to do with it. A window closed here, another opened beyond. Opportunity flew … Continue reading Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 1 – Omniscient Predicament

To Myself

It’s way too easy to tell others your intentions. You can be completely honest about what you want to do and still not do it. This is your dilemma; you want to tell stories but haven’t put in effort. You don’t even read books or research what is important in storytelling. The ideas and imagery … Continue reading To Myself

College Day 208 – A Momentary End

(April 21, Thursday) As late as this post is, I finally generated the courage to type it out. When I look back and remember that day I inevitably feel the same feeling that I had in anticipation for my ride to the airport. If any of you can recall the girl that I was interested in, … Continue reading College Day 208 – A Momentary End

College Day 204 – Time Convincing

(April 17, Sunday) I debated whether or not to get a head start on my essay. I ending up talking to my roommate's friend online about making a decision. He put into perspective the amount of time I had to finish the essay. Basically, it amounted to getting no sleep if necessary. I accepted it … Continue reading College Day 204 – Time Convincing

College Day 182 – Mood Swing

(March 17, Thursday) It was my second to last day before I headed home. Of course, with every new event comes a new process of thinking in my world of complexity. Thoughts ranged from putting together my resumé, applying for a job, planning my Spring break with my brothers and friends, my relationship status, and … Continue reading College Day 182 – Mood Swing

College Day 181 – 6th Soccer Game

(March 16, Wednesday) This time I knew when my game was: 6:15pm. It was fantastic because it made eating dinner afterwards more reasonable than 10pm. We had to wait extra time and cut the first half by 10 minutes because the other team's players weren't showing up. For the first few minutes of the game … Continue reading College Day 181 – 6th Soccer Game