College Day 186 – Thought Block

(March 30, Wednesday) Finally the day came when I would have one of my poems critiqued. To my surprise, I actually haven't shared it on my blog at all. However, the rhyming scheme was aabb / ccdd / eeff. That was probably the main concern (the forced rhyme) apart from the "distracting" image that I … Continue reading College Day 186 – Thought Block

Chiropractic Concern

They adjust my neck whereby my foundations stand. It’s that feeling when they grasp and twist with quick force, All in attempt to loosen the problem and pinch out the pain. Their chiropractic concern becomes the main course. No–No, stop, I’d rather have you readjust your hand Give that feeling when you clench and cut off … Continue reading Chiropractic Concern

College Day 174 – Need To Connect

(March 9, Wednesday) During my third day at the WriteOn group, I started to feel out of place in the sense that I wasn't nearly creative as those around me. Although they have been in the group longer than me, I have plenty of ideas and poetry that appeals to me through experience and deep … Continue reading College Day 174 – Need To Connect

A Feeling

The feeling of unknown Makes fighting worth the risk To shun a life alone While living full and brisk. But in your weary soul Joy is coupled with pain Rejections fill the hole And happiness you feign. Love is not worth sharing If not for one to love To stay and be caring Putting others … Continue reading A Feeling

College Day 124 – Just Me?

(January 19, Tuesday) A thought came across my mind while I stood, thinking to myself. Do other introverts experience the same things I experience? I know I strongly believed the test I took that told me I was an INFP (Introvert, Intuition, Feelings, Perceiving). However, the "hermit" part had me questioning if anyone else would … Continue reading College Day 124 – Just Me?

College Day 123 – Planning Ahead

(January 18, Monday) As I've said before, I was preparing myself mentally for my birthday and this week seemed like the right time to do so. I understand that avoiding certain people may not be the kindest mentality but at least I have made myself feel better in the process. That being said, I'd rather … Continue reading College Day 123 – Planning Ahead

College Day 106 – Last Class

(December 9, Wednesday) Today's special experience: Who am I kidding? I'm not even close to my last class. However, it was my last day in Psychology 102. Today we spent our class time taking a couple notes and then finishing with our group projects. There was such a different vibe when we were all preparing to … Continue reading College Day 106 – Last Class

College Day 94 – One More Goodbye

(November 19, Thursday) Today's special experience: Like I said in the previous blog, I wanted to surprise my friend and say goodbye to her in the morning. Here is what happened: 6:40 I dress quickly and speed walk to the lobby, waiting for their arrival. Within a minute, only she comes out of the elevator with … Continue reading College Day 94 – One More Goodbye