Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 3 – Resisting Reality

“Life is easily misunderstood.” Sometimes the good feelings aren’t always the ones you need, but they are definitely what you want. It’s too hard to resist. Whether it’s friends, family, or lovers, you feel obliged to give them what you’ve got. But often “what you’ve got” is a large list of personal problems, goals, and … Continue reading Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 3 – Resisting Reality

College Day 204 – Time Convincing

(April 17, Sunday) I debated whether or not to get a head start on my essay. I ending up talking to my roommate's friend online about making a decision. He put into perspective the amount of time I had to finish the essay. Basically, it amounted to getting no sleep if necessary. I accepted it … Continue reading College Day 204 – Time Convincing

College Day 203 – Grad Party

(April 16, Saturday) I went along with my friends to go to their life leader's grad party. She was graduating this semester and it marks her last year at the university. I will admit too that I will miss her. She's witty, humorous, serious, and exciting to be around. For quite a while I was … Continue reading College Day 203 – Grad Party

College Day 198 – Catch Up With Ketchup

(April 11, Monday) My friend and I planned to finally eat lunch together and catch up on life. Originally my intentions were to talk to him about his own blog and the thoughts he has shared throughout his college experience. I want to be there for him and let him know that I care about … Continue reading College Day 198 – Catch Up With Ketchup

College Day 196 – Grand Canyon

(April 9, Saturday) Friday I was invited to go to the Grand Canyon with a bunch of friends. I also realized that I had homework due Sunday, which I had told myself I would work on early. I carelessly accepted the invite and we left at 1am. It was a solid 3ish hour drive from … Continue reading College Day 196 – Grand Canyon

College Day 194 – Ambitious Six

(April 7, Thursday) All of my roommates and I finally got around to planning when we would take our picture together. The six of us and one of our friends went on top of the parking garage in the late afternoon to get the pictures. Without a doubt, the opportunity of being around all six of … Continue reading College Day 194 – Ambitious Six

College Day 191 – Chill And Burn

(April 4, Monday) Preceded by our very last chapel this semester, which was satisfying, I chilled with my roommate and his girlfriend at the pool. It had been a while since I got out and went to the pool. Crazy thing is, it was a nice day but it was 94 degrees! Surprisingly I didn't … Continue reading College Day 191 – Chill And Burn

College Day 187 – Last Soccer Game

(March 31, Thursday) This was it; the last game. I actually got my roommate and two other friends to come and spectate. It made me wonder though, since the match was at 10:15pm, why would they come tonight apart from all the other early nights? No matter, I appreciated their willingness to walk a mile … Continue reading College Day 187 – Last Soccer Game

College Day 182 – Mood Swing

(March 17, Thursday) It was my second to last day before I headed home. Of course, with every new event comes a new process of thinking in my world of complexity. Thoughts ranged from putting together my resumé, applying for a job, planning my Spring break with my brothers and friends, my relationship status, and … Continue reading College Day 182 – Mood Swing