All Man-Made Roads Lead to a Dead End

Silence speaks to me in my artificial wanderings. Go out But when I do I roll in the grass, its warm prick inviting, the stiff soil and clouds respond and keep the sun in check. Nature produces a hope of its own, but in its wake, my conscience, does not want to be alone. “God, … Continue reading All Man-Made Roads Lead to a Dead End

Talking to Myself

As positive and hopeful as I might seem, I have absolutely no idea where I want my future or where my future is headed. I have a dream and a goal, and that is about it. I let the future worry for itself; the rest will fall in place accordingly. Our present words and actions … Continue reading Talking to Myself

College Day 118 – Relationships Part 6

(January 13, Wednesday) Today I found out the answer to my question. I know for a fact that I will not be getting into a relationship this year. However, I cannot say I am sad but I cannot say that I am fully happy. Nevertheless, I will be focusing on my academics a bit more … Continue reading College Day 118 – Relationships Part 6


These fingers have written and known pain Those eyes have seen and sought hope, a future These feet have ran and chased love for gain Those words have remained silent in torture These people are watched and are watching Those lies are true when they are acknowledged These fears are near you when you are … Continue reading Experience