Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 3 – Resisting Reality

“Life is easily misunderstood.” Sometimes the good feelings aren’t always the ones you need, but they are definitely what you want. It’s too hard to resist. Whether it’s friends, family, or lovers, you feel obliged to give them what you’ve got. But often “what you’ve got” is a large list of personal problems, goals, and … Continue reading Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 3 – Resisting Reality

It’s Difficult

Show me a story about love- ly people. True or not, everyone wants to be heard, they want to be acknowledged, yet they might call you absurd. Life is all for show- ing love. Truly, this would be an answered prayer towards those looking for acceptance, and more than cynical care. End the existence of … Continue reading It’s Difficult

College Day 183 – Behind The Scenes

(March 18, Friday) I was homeward bound at 4:30pm when the shuttle driver would pick me up. In a shuttle full of students and somewhat silent laughter, the old driver had told us his story. "These people I work with are stupid in the head. God gave a rock more intelligence." Being the first dropped … Continue reading College Day 183 – Behind The Scenes

College Day 169 – Stick To Reality

(March 4, Friday) As I was reconnecting with my best friend about academic life and emotional life, I inevitably brought up my relationship situation, or lack thereof. I remembered that part of the conversation the previous Wednesday was more ridiculous than I originally made it out to be. I told him (my best friend) that … Continue reading College Day 169 – Stick To Reality

Talking to Myself

As positive and hopeful as I might seem, I have absolutely no idea where I want my future or where my future is headed. I have a dream and a goal, and that is about it. I let the future worry for itself; the rest will fall in place accordingly. Our present words and actions … Continue reading Talking to Myself

Pain With Purpose

I could be easily misunderstood if I were to tell people “I enjoy emotional pain.” Yes, it is equivocal and slightly controversial; however, my attitude about pain depends on my reaction to it. This pain often derives from a series of unfortunate events that, in my mind, affect me negatively. Nevertheless, the negative effects mean … Continue reading Pain With Purpose

A challenging change

My thoughts are there, I just do not know how to present them. There is no simple way, that I can think of, to be sentimental without sounding ridiculous. I cannot wait for the day when I shoo away the shy in me and share my true feelings through spoken words. It will be more … Continue reading A challenging change

Within reality

I don't want people to seek after my own likeness. I want them to say, "I never want to be like him." That way I know I am unique, different, and someone worth observing rather than being. I–upon self-reflection–am either an inevitable curse or blessing. For myself or for others, the tide goes both ways. … Continue reading Within reality