Starting the Social Connection

I’m one month into my summer without a job, and I developed this irresistible urge to become connected through social media. For now, I’m pushing aside any negative connotations that social media receives because I know that I’m careful regardless. My pursuit to continue writing has lead me so far as to get involved in a writing community from the Odyssey that is part of the university I attend (expect weekly updates – they will not be posted here).

I need any writing experience I can get, even if it means I won’t receive a simple job like retail work in order to maintain a budget. In the long run, the more writing I do, the more I improve, which only guarantees a better chance at getting into the process of publishing with no significant pay.

Additionally, I’ve decided to direct my personal blog into something more applicable rather than readable yet very vague. I added a new category, “stories,” which will contain nonfiction, and experiences on various topics following with challenges and lessons.

Thank you for reading, and all I can promise you is improvement toward perfection.

This is no longer a personal playground – I’ll accept offers into free writing or editing for any person/organization!


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