Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 6 – All in Good Company

“Life is enjoyable with others around.” The introvert speaks. Of course no one wants to be lonely, we want to feel some sort of acknowledgement or acceptance. A venture, a hike, a party; such is better when spent with good company. We do, however, want to be alone sometimes. Sometimes our deepest, most sincere thoughts … Continue reading Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 6 – All in Good Company

Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 2 – Individual Interpretation

“Life is entirely interpretation.” Jittery, coffee high, and dreamy... I was just asked by a good friend of mine if I’d be interested in starting a Christian philosophy blog. If anyone knows me well, they know that I love to talk about philosophical questions and thought. I could spend an entire night talking–as opposed to … Continue reading Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 2 – Individual Interpretation

College Day 171 – Deep Discussion

(March 6, Sunday) I went to get dinner with my roommates and we ended up sitting outside talking for about an hour and thirty minutes. Somehow we got on the topic of homosexuality and its moral implications (it was probably my doing). Nonetheless, one of my roommates is gay and we had an awesome, civil … Continue reading College Day 171 – Deep Discussion

College Day 120 – Academia

(January 15, Friday) My goal today was to focus on my academics, or more specifically, my overload of homework over the weekend. After class, I read my textbook on worldviews for a few hours. It was quite fulfilling and intriguing. Normally I would be bored from reading technical writing, but this text from the university … Continue reading College Day 120 – Academia

College Day 116 – Deepest Moment

(January 11, Monday) I never thought I would end up having a deep conversation with all five of my roommates from 11pm to 1am. We talked about my current worldview and the specifics within (which I won't mention). I felt so connected and curious in thought. My head was aching yet my soul was open … Continue reading College Day 116 – Deepest Moment

College Day 111 – Midnight Excuse

(January 6, Wednesday) My last two classes consist of worldview and world religions, but the catch is that they're both online. I have to constantly check for updates or replies and find course material necessary for the week. It is such a hassle but at least I know I will enjoy our discussions on life. … Continue reading College Day 111 – Midnight Excuse