Last Week-No.17

To start things off, I didn't expect to be writing another one of these kinds of posts. I know, it's been almost two years since I posted. Last week went by quicker than any other week this entire year. That goes without saying, every week this year still went by really fast.¬†After flying back in … Continue reading Last Week-No.17

College Day 208 – A Momentary End

(April 21, Thursday) As late as this post is, I finally generated¬†the courage to type it out. When I look back and remember that day I inevitably feel the same feeling that I had in anticipation for my ride to the airport. If any of you can recall the girl that I was interested in, … Continue reading College Day 208 – A Momentary End

College Day 200 – Poetic Gluttony

(April 13, Wednesday) Today marks the second to last day of the WriteOn group. I cannot remember exactly how many weeks I have attended, but I have learned much. The professor asked me if I was enjoying the group, to which I responded with something like, "Yes, I like it a lot." She continued by … Continue reading College Day 200 – Poetic Gluttony

College Day 199 – Finding Figurative Matter

(April 12, Tuesday) My dreary, long walks to and from restaurants and classes mostly consisted of me thinking about the direction of the next week. I observed the life around me and realized that everything seemed normal to everyone else. I'm in my own world of disbelief. Summer is coming and I'm not nearly as … Continue reading College Day 199 – Finding Figurative Matter