Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 7 – Going Nowhere in Particular

“Life puts you anywhere.” Do you ever feel like you are moving, pursuing, living without any initial direction? Does your future, as uncertain as it seems, give you discomfort? Think about it, but then take time to think about the fact that you are still active. You are moving, pursuing, living, though you may be … Continue reading Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 7 – Going Nowhere in Particular

Written Refinement | Approaching Criticism On Past Posts

I began by revisiting one of my past blog posts and reading it through with criticism. It was little to no surprise that the year old post made me chuckle. Altruism, as the title goes, was the purpose of the message. However, the message itself leaves the reader confused with uninterpreted details and rhetorical questions. … Continue reading Written Refinement | Approaching Criticism On Past Posts

College Day 198 – Catch Up With Ketchup

(April 11, Monday) My friend and I planned to finally eat lunch together and catch up on life. Originally my intentions were to talk to him about his own blog and the thoughts he has shared throughout his college experience. I want to be there for him and let him know that I care about … Continue reading College Day 198 – Catch Up With Ketchup

Pain With Purpose

I could be easily misunderstood if I were to tell people “I enjoy emotional pain.” Yes, it is equivocal and slightly controversial; however, my attitude about pain depends on my reaction to it. This pain often derives from a series of unfortunate events that, in my mind, affect me negatively. Nevertheless, the negative effects mean … Continue reading Pain With Purpose

College Day 78 – A Major Change?

(November 3rd, Tuesday) Today's intriguing thought: I'm not sure if you can call it an intriguing thought, but all day I was thinking about my major. Psychology hit me hard and now I have thoughts about taking courses on either English Literature or Psychology. I honestly am considering changing my major to Psychology because of how … Continue reading College Day 78 – A Major Change?

A challenging change

My thoughts are there, I just do not know how to present them. There is no simple way, that I can think of, to be sentimental without sounding ridiculous. I cannot wait for the day when I shoo away the shy in me and share my true feelings through spoken words. It will be more … Continue reading A challenging change

37 minutes until July 1st

What am I to do? There is 36 minutes left until July 1st. I want to make the most of my time so I can say this month was outstanding. I won't lie, it has been fairly great. As much as I want the time to go by and college to come around, I realize … Continue reading 37 minutes until July 1st


We are held back by maturity Our true self is hidden with purpose But if we drop the mask and grasp our feelings A beautiful, unique, bewildering charm is taken up And our doors are opened, shared, kept, loved The uncontrollable emotions might be too much –Yet it is all the more precious– When the … Continue reading Character