Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 7 – Going Nowhere in Particular

“Life puts you anywhere.” Do you ever feel like you are moving, pursuing, living without any initial direction? Does your future, as uncertain as it seems, give you discomfort? Think about it, but then take time to think about the fact that you are still active. You are moving, pursuing, living, though you may be … Continue reading Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 7 – Going Nowhere in Particular

College Day 168 – 2nd Soccer Game

(March 3, Thursday) I didn't expect to have our next soccer game so quickly; however, I was definitely ready this time (aside from my sore leg). I knew the team wouldn't be nearly as difficult as the previous one we played against. I wore my red jersey from my high school team, which luckily we were … Continue reading College Day 168 – 2nd Soccer Game

College Day 136 – Taking a Chance

(January 31, Sunday) Today was a big day; the day where procrastination turns into motivation because literally all my homework was due at midnight. I began the morning with a slight panic attack from the sound of my alarm, which then required me to lay in bed for an extra 30 minutes to relax. To get … Continue reading College Day 136 – Taking a Chance

College Day 120 – Academia

(January 15, Friday) My goal today was to focus on my academics, or more specifically, my overload of homework over the weekend. After class, I read my textbook on worldviews for a few hours. It was quite fulfilling and intriguing. Normally I would be bored from reading technical writing, but this text from the university … Continue reading College Day 120 – Academia

College Day 62 – Oddly Motivated

(October 18, Sunday) Today's goal: Like I said the day before, I was determined to finish my essays. I purposely set my alarm for 9:00, 9:30, and 10:00 just in case I wanted to sleep in more. I could have never been more annoyed when my group in psychology started texting in the group message at … Continue reading College Day 62 – Oddly Motivated


Sometimes it is too difficult to know what to write about. This applies for almost any situation, especially mine. It’s funny though because I am now talking about being at a loss for words. Ironic, right? The situation no longer applies to me because I have this urge to write now, right now. Let’s talk … Continue reading Truth