College Day 188 – Fiction And Dreams

(April 1, Friday) I spent a good hour and more talking with my good friend I met online 3ish years ago. He was eager to talk about the fictional story he was preparing and I got in the mood to talk. I shared with him the book that I read called The First Five Pages by Noah … Continue reading College Day 188 – Fiction And Dreams

Talking to Myself

As positive and hopeful as I might seem, I have absolutely no idea where I want my future or where my future is headed. I have a dream and a goal, and that is about it. I let the future worry for itself; the rest will fall in place accordingly. Our present words and actions … Continue reading Talking to Myself

College Day 122 – Photography

(January 17, Sunday) Two of my other roommates and I were enjoying ourselves by making some epic pictures in our dark room with a flashlight. As we figured out how to get it the way we wanted it, we eventually realized that it was best to just resort to using Photoshop for editing. My one … Continue reading College Day 122 – Photography

College Day 120 – Academia

(January 15, Friday) My goal today was to focus on my academics, or more specifically, my overload of homework over the weekend. After class, I read my textbook on worldviews for a few hours. It was quite fulfilling and intriguing. Normally I would be bored from reading technical writing, but this text from the university … Continue reading College Day 120 – Academia

Little prince

In a far away place where his Kingdom abide, a little prince dreams of escape. Riches, fame, and glory do not suite him, even his own garments show no elegance. Hidden in his abstruse thoughts, he dare not declare his independence. There is a longing for self-satisfaction through the well-being of others and an unspoken, … Continue reading Little prince