College Day 113 – Pain Is Given

(January 8, Friday) Whether it is by yourself or others, emotional pain is given to you. It is not some sort of trait we inherited; rather, it is something we inevitably have to deal with. Today I was watching a very dramatic TV show with my friends and one of the episodes happened to be … Continue reading College Day 113 – Pain Is Given

College Day 85 – Bye Supplements

(November 10, Tuesday) Today's goal: Believe it or not, my goal was to socialize as little as possible. Since I had been feeling depressed since Saturday, I just didn't feel open for chatting. The thought of having to take my supplements and remember to do so every day and week gave me anxiety. That's the very … Continue reading College Day 85 – Bye Supplements

College Day 83 – Distraction

(November 8th, Sunday) Today: Still depressed from the day before, I resorted to my daily dosage of distractions: video games. I put my "social life" to the lowest degree possible. I'm tired of faking my emotions in front of people so I always just come out honest. That's the only way people will learn to … Continue reading College Day 83 – Distraction

College Day 82 – No Direction

(November 7th, Saturday) Today: All day I was reevaluating my entire life. My thoughts were mostly focused on my choices and what to do with my major. I'm honestly clueless and lost. I just want to be a vessel to save others from the pain I've always suffered. Look where it's getting me. Sometimes I even … Continue reading College Day 82 – No Direction

College Day 78 – A Major Change?

(November 3rd, Tuesday) Today's intriguing thought: I'm not sure if you can call it an intriguing thought, but all day I was thinking about my major. Psychology hit me hard and now I have thoughts about taking courses on either English Literature or Psychology. I honestly am considering changing my major to Psychology because of how … Continue reading College Day 78 – A Major Change?

37 minutes until July 1st

What am I to do? There is 36 minutes left until July 1st. I want to make the most of my time so I can say this month was outstanding. I won't lie, it has been fairly great. As much as I want the time to go by and college to come around, I realize … Continue reading 37 minutes until July 1st