College Day 208 – A Momentary End

(April 21, Thursday) As late as this post is, I finally generated the courage to type it out. When I look back and remember that day I inevitably feel the same feeling that I had in anticipation for my ride to the airport. If any of you can recall the girl that I was interested in, … Continue reading College Day 208 – A Momentary End

College Day 204 – Time Convincing

(April 17, Sunday) I debated whether or not to get a head start on my essay. I ending up talking to my roommate's friend online about making a decision. He put into perspective the amount of time I had to finish the essay. Basically, it amounted to getting no sleep if necessary. I accepted it … Continue reading College Day 204 – Time Convincing

College Day 198 – Catch Up With Ketchup

(April 11, Monday) My friend and I planned to finally eat lunch together and catch up on life. Originally my intentions were to talk to him about his own blog and the thoughts he has shared throughout his college experience. I want to be there for him and let him know that I care about … Continue reading College Day 198 – Catch Up With Ketchup

College Day 188 – Fiction And Dreams

(April 1, Friday) I spent a good hour and more talking with my good friend I met online 3ish years ago. He was eager to talk about the fictional story he was preparing and I got in the mood to talk. I shared with him the book that I read called The First Five Pages by Noah … Continue reading College Day 188 – Fiction And Dreams

College Day 183 – Behind The Scenes

(March 18, Friday) I was homeward bound at 4:30pm when the shuttle driver would pick me up. In a shuttle full of students and somewhat silent laughter, the old driver had told us his story. "These people I work with are stupid in the head. God gave a rock more intelligence." Being the first dropped … Continue reading College Day 183 – Behind The Scenes

College Day 172 – S’mores

(March 7, Monday) After talking about it for about a week, my roommate and I finally decided to have a s'mores night. There's only one place on campus with a fire pit that requires a key to be turned on and lit. We had figured tonight would be best since no one was really busy. … Continue reading College Day 172 – S’mores

College Day 171 – Deep Discussion

(March 6, Sunday) I went to get dinner with my roommates and we ended up sitting outside talking for about an hour and thirty minutes. Somehow we got on the topic of homosexuality and its moral implications (it was probably my doing). Nonetheless, one of my roommates is gay and we had an awesome, civil … Continue reading College Day 171 – Deep Discussion

College Day 169 – Stick To Reality

(March 4, Friday) As I was reconnecting with my best friend about academic life and emotional life, I inevitably brought up my relationship situation, or lack thereof. I remembered that part of the conversation the previous Wednesday was more ridiculous than I originally made it out to be. I told him (my best friend) that … Continue reading College Day 169 – Stick To Reality

College Day 160 – Relationships Part 8

(February 24, Wednesday) It happened: the conversation. However, before I give details I want to share my day before then. I began the day with my math class and then headed over to the writing group, which is every Wednesday at 11:15. To say the least, it was a small yet quite observant group of individuals … Continue reading College Day 160 – Relationships Part 8

College Day 158 – Voluntary Stress?

(February 22, Monday) I had decided to pursue my plan during lunch after my early class; however, it wasn't convenient timing. I thought for sure I would have a chance that day but I ended up gaining a headache and stressing over upcoming homework and the fact that I still have the conversation dangling by … Continue reading College Day 158 – Voluntary Stress?