Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 1 – Omniscient Predicament

“Life just isn’t the same.” I motioned my eyes from my clammy palm to the window. Its shades were shadowed from the grey evening. The subtle hint of leftover daylight caused me to question my use of time. There was nothing more to do with it. A window closed here, another opened beyond. Opportunity flew … Continue reading Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 1 – Omniscient Predicament

College Day 197 – Absolute Truth

(April 10, Sunday) In one of my online courses we talked about absolute truth, our opinions about it, and it's impact on morality and choices. Essentially, the center of the discussion revolved around whether or not absolute truth existed. Now, before I give my "opinion" on the truth of absolute truth's inevitable reality, I wish … Continue reading College Day 197 – Absolute Truth

College Day 91 – College Life

(November 16, Monday) Today's intriguing thought: I took a while to think about the beginning of the semester. I realized how active and excited I was to do everything, meet people, play games, make friends. Most nights my roommates, friends and I would go outside or just have small "parties." It's that college high as a … Continue reading College Day 91 – College Life

College Day 85 – Bye Supplements

(November 10, Tuesday) Today's goal: Believe it or not, my goal was to socialize as little as possible. Since I had been feeling depressed since Saturday, I just didn't feel open for chatting. The thought of having to take my supplements and remember to do so every day and week gave me anxiety. That's the very … Continue reading College Day 85 – Bye Supplements

College Day 82 – No Direction

(November 7th, Saturday) Today: All day I was reevaluating my entire life. My thoughts were mostly focused on my choices and what to do with my major. I'm honestly clueless and lost. I just want to be a vessel to save others from the pain I've always suffered. Look where it's getting me. Sometimes I even … Continue reading College Day 82 – No Direction

College Day 78 – A Major Change?

(November 3rd, Tuesday) Today's intriguing thought: I'm not sure if you can call it an intriguing thought, but all day I was thinking about my major. Psychology hit me hard and now I have thoughts about taking courses on either English Literature or Psychology. I honestly am considering changing my major to Psychology because of how … Continue reading College Day 78 – A Major Change?

College Day 76 – Progress

(November 1st, Sunday) Today's goal: In all honesty, this day wasn't very eventful. I was just preparing myself for this new month since I haven't had much to do for quite some time now. The past two weeks have been relaxing academically but not emotionally. I've been battling my emotions, figuring out my future, and dealing with … Continue reading College Day 76 – Progress

College Day 71 – Painful Silence

(October 27, Tuesday) Today's intriguing thought: It wasn't really much of a thought. I was sitting in my sociology class listening to the boring lecture and I received a notification on my phone that my mother emailed me. Again, it was regarding relationships and what we talked about. She told me that what she had to … Continue reading College Day 71 – Painful Silence

College Day 50 – A New Start

(October 6, Tuesday) This 50th day of college milestone marks a new change in the way I blog. Instead of describing every little detail possible throughout a day, I will now share either a particular experience, thought, goal, or lesson learned. I feel like my blogs will have more meaning in that instance. So for … Continue reading College Day 50 – A New Start