Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 6 – All in Good Company

“Life is enjoyable with others around.” The introvert speaks. Of course no one wants to be lonely, we want to feel some sort of acknowledgement or acceptance. A venture, a hike, a party; such is better when spent with good company. We do, however, want to be alone sometimes. Sometimes our deepest, most sincere thoughts … Continue reading Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 6 – All in Good Company

College Day 176 – Babysitting!

(March 11, Friday) I can already tell you now that it was not what you think it is. I have never babysat before, but since my friend went home Thursday and her suite-mate was housesitting over the weekend, my friend's roommate was going to be all alone. So on Monday, when we were making s'mores, … Continue reading College Day 176 – Babysitting!

Dichotomy Street

I'm haunted with terror as I walk down Dichotomy Street. There are these people I see, these people I meet. A girl with blueberry eyes and dark brown hair stops and throws me a grim glare. I cry internally with fear, "What do you want?" My tears turn to blackening blood as water unto wine. … Continue reading Dichotomy Street


These fingers have written and known pain Those eyes have seen and sought hope, a future These feet have ran and chased love for gain Those words have remained silent in torture These people are watched and are watching Those lies are true when they are acknowledged These fears are near you when you are … Continue reading Experience