Last Week-No.17

To start things off, I didn't expect to be writing another one of these kinds of posts. I know, it's been almost two years since I posted. Last week went by quicker than any other week this entire year. That goes without saying, every week this year still went by really fast. After flying back in … Continue reading Last Week-No.17

College Day 204 – Time Convincing

(April 17, Sunday) I debated whether or not to get a head start on my essay. I ending up talking to my roommate's friend online about making a decision. He put into perspective the amount of time I had to finish the essay. Basically, it amounted to getting no sleep if necessary. I accepted it … Continue reading College Day 204 – Time Convincing

College Day 182 – Mood Swing

(March 17, Thursday) It was my second to last day before I headed home. Of course, with every new event comes a new process of thinking in my world of complexity. Thoughts ranged from putting together my resumé, applying for a job, planning my Spring break with my brothers and friends, my relationship status, and … Continue reading College Day 182 – Mood Swing

College Day 139 – Bearing the Pain

(February 3, Wednesday) I might conclude that it was probably one of the most miserable days I have had in a while, at least physically speaking. My diet consisted of water, chicken noodle soup, a turkey sandwich, banana, and more water (and a fruit smoothie cause why not?). The main reason I was stressed, aside … Continue reading College Day 139 – Bearing the Pain

College Day 129 – The Day Before

(January 24, Sunday) I couldn't believe how quickly the month went, let alone the age I was going to be. I didn't take much thought into my birthday because of the amount of work and activities I will have to address this week. Nevertheless, I spent the day thinking and talking with others. I spent … Continue reading College Day 129 – The Day Before

College Day 121 – Avoidance

(January 16, Saturday) I was stressing over how much homework I had due on Sunday night, so I tried to avoid any type of group activities. I thought that all of my assignments were going to take forever and that my essay was going to take all of Sunday. To my surprise, I actually finished … Continue reading College Day 121 – Avoidance

College Day 120 – Academia

(January 15, Friday) My goal today was to focus on my academics, or more specifically, my overload of homework over the weekend. After class, I read my textbook on worldviews for a few hours. It was quite fulfilling and intriguing. Normally I would be bored from reading technical writing, but this text from the university … Continue reading College Day 120 – Academia

College Day 118 – Relationships Part 6

(January 13, Wednesday) Today I found out the answer to my question. I know for a fact that I will not be getting into a relationship this year. However, I cannot say I am sad but I cannot say that I am fully happy. Nevertheless, I will be focusing on my academics a bit more … Continue reading College Day 118 – Relationships Part 6

College Day 112 – Responsibility

(January 7, Thursday) Today's intriguing thought: Today as I spent time with my friends a thought came across my mind. I realized that my friends, and even roommates, in my eyes, are all more productive and on-top of things such as their homework. What I see is them taking their free time to work on what … Continue reading College Day 112 – Responsibility

College Day 76 – Progress

(November 1st, Sunday) Today's goal: In all honesty, this day wasn't very eventful. I was just preparing myself for this new month since I haven't had much to do for quite some time now. The past two weeks have been relaxing academically but not emotionally. I've been battling my emotions, figuring out my future, and dealing with … Continue reading College Day 76 – Progress