2015: Happiness

The story below I wrote with honesty and care. Although I consider it more personal, I figure someone out there will appreciate it. I do not write for the sake of writing. We live in a crazy world and it’s worth writing about. There is too much to address but I love to get straight to the point. Even if I may not get to know every one of you, I understand in the back of my mind there are special people out there who want to be heard from. So I thank you for the support, I am trying my best with how my life plays out.

Here is the story, I hope you enjoy it. Every word is carefully picked.

My one “goal” in life is just happiness. It seems to me to be the one and only idea I need. Others will obviously have different ambitions because they are geared and wired opposite of me. But why not happiness? If you are happy, you have happiness, it only seems fair that you are content. There should be no reason to long for more if you have obtained whatever happiness you have found. Why do we search for other distractions in hopes to await happiness? Go directly towards it, within reason, pursue it. Stop wasting time on a temporary substitute for your own pleasure. If you have just been enlightened then please read no further, and move on.

No? Well, either you are enticed, intrigued, or helpless. I’ll be glad if you chose at least one, because I’m honestly all three. I am enticed to my writing as I observe the most intriguing of reactions of such instances in my own helplessness. So I carry on, writing because you chose not to move on. Thank you.

I like to think of myself as one to take over. Anyone’s sudden “drop” of motivation is my opportunity to retrieve it, observe it, and play around with it. It is because someone or something else has taken my motivation, which has left me in a depressive state. And it has only been so recent that I’ve taken the “time” to look for any hint of motivation, hope. Now there is the problem. If I am not mistaken, it is not necessarily the time that hinders us, but the act of looking, doing anything. I am still figuring out the “cure” for this, if there is one. I do not know which emotions or actions to combine in order to produce happiness for others. In my opinion, it is others who are making the cure for me. So again, I write as you read. This is why I write, why I keep going. It is my one path to happiness whether you like it or not. When more people read and read more often, I mirror the same in writing. I believe then, at the “end of my line,” people will see, understand, and follow my example in their own way. It truly does not take much effort to approach happiness and hope. I have not even reached 400 words yet.

These three words, they marked the 400 milestone. Why is that at all important? Since I am making progress, so are you. Take joy in the little things because sometimes joy can produce a spark of happiness. What if I went off on a tangent about seemingly insignificant moments in life that brought me to consciousness more than anything else? I take joy in those moments because few people recognize any importance at all. The world is so subconsciously oblivious that they become ignorant. Don’t fall into that pit of darkness. Do you realize how absurd it is to be part of that cliche: the darkness of the world–need I explain it?

Try to get out, don’t fall back in. You claim the world is absurd, religion is absurd, to know, think, reason, to conclude is absurd, literally everything is absurd. Well how about your reasoning and process by which you came to that conclusion, the absurdity of the world? Why not say your claim of absurdity is absurd? Do you agree? Why? You see the paradox, so don’t accept it unless we can reason from it. Slowly you should realize we are actually arguing and refusing the acceptance of “defeat,” as some would dearly call it. So to avoid further arguing I will ask, “How did we get here?” It was not because the world is absurd and it was bound to inevitably happen. It is because of the undeniable fact that I disagree with you.

Do you understand what I’m getting at? I have found something you have yet not found. And I am still writing, still caring, still listening. It is hope. So please, reason maturely, cooperatively with me, and take a hold of my perspective as I have of yours. I do not mean to take advantage of you in your downfall. I merely wish to take advantage of the moment, as absurd as you claim it to be. I take joy in the moment, not because of your downfall, but in light of it, in my uprising I wish to pull you up with me. I don’t care how heavy you are. I don’t care if you pull me down as you go up. My mind, my person is still here. I will find a way anyway. I have before, and I will again.

The world needs a beacon–you or me–of hope and happiness in a time of distress… This is all you and I need at the moment: each other.

I wrote this piece earlier this year because of certain issues that inspired me to do so. Thank you for reading. Comment, question, or write a thought!


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