A Notch in the Horizon Lines

My curtain due west I open
 To catch twilight before the gloom;
What’s left for the Minnesotan
 I’m spending at full in my room.

Time for thought and music ring true
 While I peer through the window, pray
My God, “Not for me, but for you;
 I turn in for trust all I play.”

I leave my very own devices
 To open my curtains for good;
Oh crucifix, take my vices,
 Burn them to ash as fire would.

Now from my open curtain I
 Sit to see two bunnies on ground;
One sets in shade to catch my eye,
 The other yields, no light is found.

I match myself as like that pair;
 One last look, I look to the sun,
Back to dark, I find comfort there
 And leap to my love all for fun.

Such darker paths are of the past
 Though evil is no easy thing;
Such relations will little last,
 Still the music beats, my heart sings.

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