Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 9 – Acts of Creation

“Life encourages creation.”

I have enlightened myself to appreciate the concept of creation beyond regularly expecting an external response. You see, there is something special in the feeling of creating something personal to you. It could either be the sense of accomplishment or development of your own character. Whatever the case may be, I choose to think of creation as a blessing, even in the face of criticism or silence.

When I create, I always aim to—or used to—invoke a response, anything, in order to let me know at least one person is seeing, listening, or quite simply enjoying. I digress to say that mindset completely detracts creation and the value I put into my work.

So take your creation for what it is; the simplicity, the complexity, the differences, the patches, the short and long are all part of its unique existence. From stories to poems, videos, photographs, blogs, songs and all other forms of work, your creation deserves your attention alone.

By all means, you should share it when the time is right, but also take credit and revel in its influence. The point I am making is that it doesn’t matter whether your created work is big or small. You did yourself a favor by spending valuable time and using your beautiful, God-given ability to create.

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