Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 7 – Going Nowhere in Particular

“Life puts you anywhere.”

Do you ever feel like you are moving, pursuing, living without any initial direction? Does your future, as uncertain as it seems, give you discomfort? Think about it, but then take time to think about the fact that you are still active. You are moving, pursuing, living, though you may be going nowhere in particular.

Try and wrap your mind around that concept. What could possibly motivate us to keep going? There are always gaps in our life; these gaps include anything from depression to inadequacy to immorality to mere failure. Yet, somewhere deep down we have the guts to think we can jump that gap and make it safely to the other side. How stupid are we?

We’ve always “been there, done that.” We’re collectively in the same boat that we’ve built together with our sinful nature.

I’m starting to think that there’s a practical reason why Jesus walked on water. He wasn’t there to groove with the waves or to split the sea in half to see if the disciples could make the gap.

As for the disciples, He came to meet us at the boat, to tell us to come to Him, and to catch us when our faith wavers.

Peter had the right idea. He went straight toward Jesus but began to worry about the world around him. He sank. He let the water become the gap between himself and Jesus. Nevertheless, Jesus brought him right back up.

Until we go out, cross a gap, and put our faith in God, we are just sitting aimlessly in a boat, going nowhere in particular.


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