Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 6 – All in Good Company

“Life is enjoyable with others around.”

The introvert speaks. Of course no one wants to be lonely, we want to feel some sort of acknowledgement or acceptance. A venture, a hike, a party; such is better when spent with good company. We do, however, want to be alone sometimes. Sometimes our deepest, most sincere thoughts in life are cultivated in solitude.

But when do we take the time to fully recognize our close, personal connections? Surely if we’re struggling physically, emotionally, or spiritually, we have our “go-to” card ready, right? Maybe, but maybe not so. As we climb down that latter, you may notice it begin to shake.

Spiritual problems are hard to shake off. You may think you’re grounded in your belief system—your well kempt worldview—whatever it may consist of. Until you set foot in the wrong places at the wrong time, morally speaking, you may find it quite easy to speak up.

God. Speak to God. Pray to God. Have companionship with God. When shame is too strong and fear is too wild, give your all to God. He is first when the last of your options seem, altogether, unsettling. He helps you climb through, no matter how high or low you truly are. He is the best company when you are alone and lonely.


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