Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 5 – Ethical Considerations

“Life welcomes truth.”

The question is, what truth and whose truth? All I know is that I want to know that there is some sort of ethical truth.

All decisions begin with an ethical consideration: “should I” or “I should because…” There is no “can” because anyone can do anything, within reason. However, the real struggle comes down to what is right and what is good. This is going to differ from person to person according to their perspective and reasonings. In my eager disposition, I would rather ask the question, “why shouldn’t we be on an equal understanding?” No one will take on the burden of proof because they refuse to admit that some truth exists.

“Ethical truth doesn’t exist because we argue about what that truth may be.”

Imagine a perfect world with total positivity or agreement and absolutely no negativity or disagreement. Amazing, right? Now, such a perfect world doesn’t require ethics because there is nothing to consider and change. This type of perfect world assumes that all decisions are made right. There is no ethical truth because truth doesn’t matter, ethics doesn’t matter. To put it sweetly, “nothing is true; everything is permitted” (Assassin’s Creed reference to Alamut).

Now imagine our world. Easy. Complicated. Just because there are innumerable ethical systems doesn’t mean at least one won’t hold some form of ethical truth. How could we make judgements on what is good or even right for that matter? We had to start somewhere. 

Well, we could always agree to disagree, but should we?  


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