Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 4 – Visualize New Perspectives

“Life reoccurs in new, reciprocal intervals.”

I have recently been caught up in what it means to be creative. I defined creativity in a way where I had attributed levels of visual taste. This means a first impression was always necessary and contributed a lot to whether or not subsequent pieces of work would taste just as good. The more I visually invested in others’ creative work the more I could appreciate their quality and texture, whatever defined their creativity a little more.

However, I practiced the same criticism in my own work and came to the opposite conclusion. I believed I wasn’t creative because I focused too much on what other people thought. I still do. But everyone has different taste buds, and just because someone might experience it differently doesn’t mean it won’t maintain its visual appeal.

This idea is essentially what I am focusing on now: I refuse to hold on to my false belief that I am uncreative. Creativity is inherent, natural, not built. With this in mind, I want to emphasize uniqueness over creativity. Everyone is creative, but I want to be able to present the same creative ideas and concepts–whether visual, spoken, or written–in a new and challenging perspective, one that hasn’t been approached before.


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