Life’s Decaying Diary | Day 3 – Resisting Reality

“Life is easily misunderstood.”

Sometimes the good feelings aren’t always the ones you need, but they are definitely what you want. It’s too hard to resist. Whether it’s friends, family, or lovers, you feel obliged to give them what you’ve got. But often “what you’ve got” is a large list of personal problems, goals, and necessities that pertain to you and you alone.

We’d like–I’d like–to put that aside for time’s sake but for goodness’ sake, we can’t. We don’t really have a lot of time to spend with each other, if that’s what we want. Our time in this century compels us to focus on the individual. So, when we fall short of professional achievements, we amount to nothing.

In any case, I’d say let it be, for I’ll be the friend who considered you of more worth. For all the days I spent prioritizing my time with you, I’d say it was worth.


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