College Day 208 – A Momentary End

(April 21, Thursday)

As late as this post is, I finally generated the courage to type it out. When I look back and remember that day I inevitably feel the same feeling that I had in anticipation for my ride to the airport. If any of you can recall the girl that I was interested in, she was the one driving me. I had planned to talk to her about that one night we had during late February. I wanted to clear up those words she told me. I wanted to know exactly what she meant and what her intentions were.

Our ride was not awkward, but once the airport was in my sight I quickly felt the urge to finally tell her why I’ve been acting differently around her. I said I was curious about that night when she said “we don’t have anything to talk about” and how I refrained from making importance of our conversations. She felt like most of our talks were awkward and silent up until after the night we talked. She said it was hard for her to be outgoing around me because of my introversion. I told her that she shouldn’t worry about that (while I was thinking that it’s a two way street when it comes to acting in certain ways around certain people) and to just be herself.

She admitted that she had a “crush” on me (which explains why I was led on) until she found out that I liked her instead of her roommate. I explained that my interest in her roommate was very short lived but she insisted on saying that was a no for her. It’s unfortunate too because that’s when I really started to become interested in her and spend time with her and yet she became defensive.

I may have been quiet or not as “outgoing” as I could’ve been, but I had wanted to do so much with her and it never happened with just the two of us. I tried to have lunch or dinner alone with her, I wanted to do things and go places. Only a few times did I ever join her on car rides for shopping or some type of party. That wasn’t enough.

At the drop off we parted ways with an unexpected hug that she had offered. That’s not her thing. All I can think of now is all of the possible things I could’ve said to further that conversation.

This concludes my final day at college even though it officially ended on the 24th. I saved four important assignments for that day, two of which were finals, and I had to complete them all at home before midnight (I spent 14 hours that day working on them). As a master procrastinator I am proud to say I ended with a 4.0 GPA.

I would like to thank you all for reading my journey through my first year of college. I understand that most posts were rather boring and bland to read. However, this was mostly for my personal benefit as I will be looking back at these and reminisce.

I can’t guarantee that I will do this again starting next fall because it was difficult to make a post each day. I may think of something more creative and less extensive. For now, I hope everyone has a fantastic summer, and I hope I can get a job!

P.S. – I can’t wait for this coming fall!!!


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