College Day 207 – Lunch Date

(April 20, Wednesday)

Before I describe the unexpected situation I put myself into, I will admit that I created a Tinder account. It was a night or two ago that my roommates and I were talking about dating apps. One of them said we should get the app and see who gets matched or more likes first. So, like the wild and single boy that I am, I took the challenge without thinking about the consequences.

It turned out that I first got matched with a bot (in other words, an identity thief). That wasn’t too exciting. However, I figured that I would only like profiles of girls that go to our university. Once I got matched we talked for 2 hours straight. About the next day we decided to get lunch together and have a chat.

Now, it was only until after I got matched and started talking that I realized it was finals week. What in the world have I done? How do I have time to talk with this girl that I’ll only see for perhaps a day and not through the summer? I don’t! It didn’t matter anymore, I had done what I had done. I planned our get together without acknowledgement of stress thereof.

The hour came about and we met up in the student union. I had imagined the first encounter to be extremely awkward just like it used to be in middle school. It’s true, I haven’t been in this kind of situation before and I carelessly threw myself into it. Nevertheless, against my anticipation of what would go wrong, we actually had a decent meet up and intriguing talk about… everything.

We finished up and I still had the whole day left. She mentioned that she had to go to Target to pick up personal meds (there’s more to her story that I will respectfully not share). I said I had all day and wouldn’t mind going with her, so we went. It felt rather long, maybe an hour at least, waiting for her prescriptions, but we talked about our individual lives and obviously compared & contrasted.

One of her stories had me question who she really was. I won’t share it, but I started to think about being careful when deciding whether or not to pursue something more with her. I know it was just a day meet up, but I like to think ahead. All that being said, I may have initially been judgmental toward her. However, I came to realize that I do not have the full story, and what “wrongs” she may have done do not inevitably twist her into a person I should avoid. I believe that only if I am presented with the opportunity, I may be able to personally help her out.


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