College Day 205 – Troubled Writer

(April 18, Monday)

I did exactly what I feared I would do. I saved my final assignments for the last day. There were a couple things I had to keep in mind in the days to come:

  1. Tomorrow we’re going to the storage unit, and I haven’t packed yet.
  2. On top of that, I have to clean my room and the bathroom before I pack important stuff, which will leave me not enough time to finish the essay.
  3. My final English essay is due tomorrow at midnight.
  4. Wednesday my math project is due and I only started today.
  5. Tonight is my best chance at getting as much done as possible.

So, with this list of 3 days worth of stress, I managed to write the majority of my essay tonight at about 1100 words out of 1500+. I had to keep in mind, being as it was a proposal essay, that I just finished the introduction. I really had no idea for how I would direct the problem into a solution. My own problem was not having done enough research on e-cigarettes for knowing what kind of solution I would propose for them. All I knew was that the commercials we have for e-cigarettes today should be regulated in one way or another.


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