College Day 201 – Board And Ball

(April 14, Thursday)

I took a night stroll on my new longboard with my roommate. Our journey took us around the campus and onto the next-door parking garage. It had a different feeling to it and only one ramp. Sadly the ramp had a speed bump so we couldn’t bomb it to the bottom without crashing. The hour was 30 minutes skating and 30 minutes watching the soccer game from above.

Just watching the teams practice with each other and the smooth passes and transitions made me nostalgic. I miss playing with my old high school soccer team. However, I know that I would only be in that position again if I had started young. Although I may have been really good if I did, I feel no regret. I was a child that didn’t really do anything unless my parents told me to, and even then I was rebellious when I could be.

This makes me think about the “if only” situations. If I had only kept practicing my skateboarding skills I could ride a board faster and better without fear. If only I started soccer young I could actually know more about the game and play better. I cannot put myself in that situation. I cannot say the same for my joy in writing. I vividly remember hating to write and always having my parents help me. But eventually my attitude changed from being uninterested to fully enthralled by writing. It is no longer an “only if” I had enjoyed writing; it is “I enjoy writing and I will continue to do so.”


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