College Day 200 – Poetic Gluttony

(April 13, Wednesday)

Today marks the second to last day of the WriteOn group. I cannot remember exactly how many weeks I have attended, but I have learned much. The professor asked me if I was enjoying the group, to which I responded with something like, “Yes, I like it a lot.” She continued by saying that sometimes it can be intimidating because people can be really critical within their perspective and voiced opinion. However, I told her, “I actually like the criticism.” It gives me more to think about because “I was always surrounded by peers who are not as invested in poetry such as these who always gave me positive feedback.” The difference is fulfilling and humbling. I need more of it.

One day per week and one poem per week is not enough for me. That is precisely why this day consisted of me thinking about possible poetry/writing group ideas for next year. This will reach out to individuals who want to be included more or heard more often, rather than submitting one piece in for deep critique. I can already guarantee you, if I were to share as many of my poems as I could next year, I wouldn’t get through all of them. I realized that this WriteOn group was focused on poems/prose that was and is very significant to you. I was so hyped beforehand that I thought I could just share everything in a whim. No, this group is for analyzing the words that you hold dear so that others can help you hold them closer while simultaneously making it perceivable for the audience.

I suppose this summer I’ll be coming up with extensive poetry analysis group ideas.


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