College Day 198 – Catch Up With Ketchup

(April 11, Monday)

My friend and I planned to finally eat lunch together and catch up on life. Originally my intentions were to talk to him about his own blog and the thoughts he has shared throughout his college experience. I want to be there for him and let him know that I care about what he has to say and who he is. However, our conversation, as I figured, geared toward the current situation of things, our past experiences, and other fun, non-sentimental talk.

I appreciate him though. I love talking with him because he makes it easy. That is how I connect with people; it’s a give and take process. If you don’t provide something for me to bounce off of in a conversation, I won’t continue. Unfortunately, since others sometimes feel the same way, I may end up chatting with them for only a fraction of a legitimate conversation.

He knew already, but I told him that I was going to miss him next year because he wasn’t coming back to the college. He isn’t quite sure what major he wants to pursue even though he has ambition, at least a wish for it. I shared my standpoint and my perspective of reality in order to give a more positive outlook for him. No matter what direction I may end up in, I will still find purpose through what I love: writing.


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