College Day 196 – Grand Canyon

(April 9, Saturday)

Friday I was invited to go to the Grand Canyon with a bunch of friends. I also realized that I had homework due Sunday, which I had told myself I would work on early. I carelessly accepted the invite and we left at 1am.

It was a solid 3ish hour drive from Phoenix. We arrived at the West rim by Mather point close to 5am and we didn’t even have to pay to enter. The weather was a chilly, windy 40 degrees but I was stoked to be there. The last time I had been was with my family when I was really young–too young to remember any of it. As we neared the edge, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The depth and view was much bigger than that of the Black Canyon. I should’ve realized that before but I just couldn’t picture it until I actually saw it.

We took individual pictures and group pictures as the sunrise arrived. Unfortunately it was so cloudy that the beautiful sunrise only lasted for about 10 to 20 minutes. Our next adventure took us farther up the rim to a rocky area I spotted that was unfenced and on the edge of death. They all told me to be careful as I went down. The moment I realized I could go even further I slowly, carefully, and excitedly went to its edge. I probably spent the most time there sitting and thinking that I was not nearly as nervous as I was during the Black Canyon hike. Why? Maybe it was just so “Grand” that the depth meant nothing and its vastness was so fake that death was implausible. My influence eventually caused everyone to come down and share the moment with me.

The ride home felt longer than usual. Nevertheless, we made it back on the brink of afternoon and the only sleep I got was in the vehicle, which we had some awesome talks while getting to know each other the way there and back again.


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