College Day 195 – Professional Writing

(April 8, Friday)

Yesterday I set my SSA appointment for Friday because I noticed that the Professional Writing degree was now up on the college website. I checked the course list and compared it with English Literature. The change was definitely more beneficial. More education in writing versus literature? I think yes.

I had the pleasure of officially signing the papers for changing my major without my parent’s permission (I already convinced them beforehand that it was better to do so). I concluded that with the route I was going, it would be better to be in classes pertaining to a wider variety of writing in the media as opposed to learning historical literature. I’m not going to be a teacher nor do I really want to spend an entire semester on Shakespeare. I guarantee you I would just look for Shakespeare language interpretation websites for each assignment.

Plus, what sounds better when you’re reading someone’s job application for a particular business: An English Literature major versus English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing? I’m pretty sure you get the idea. However, I do not mean to discredit English Literature completely. There are definitely benefits in that occasion, but I don’t think I would fit all too well. If I feel emotionally and physically happy about hearing what this new major has to offer, it must be a worthwhile change for me.


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