College Day 194 – Ambitious Six

(April 7, Thursday)

All of my roommates and I finally got around to planning when we would take our picture together. The six of us and one of our friends went on top of the parking garage in the late afternoon to get the pictures. Without a doubt, the opportunity of being around all six of them doing something together was a better feeling than simply getting our pictures taken. It has been a while since we have all gotten together and collaborated on something, let alone talk.

Beforehand, I was worrying about what I would wear in order to look good for the picture. However, in the moment, I realized that just being with them was enough. My concern for wear was now meaningless because friendly love does not share such a condition.

I will definitely miss the lot of them, especially since two of them won’t be coming back next year. We’re all artistic, comedic, adventurous, carefree, critical thinkers and friends. How did I get so lucky? It’s either the housing selection process or divine intervention, I say.


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