College Day 193 – Say What You Want

(April 6, Wednesday)

Today in the WriteOn group we were discussing a poem and its choice of words. One student suggested that a certain word used to describe a particular type of person that was used to create a different image was wrong in its context. The professor understood where he was coming from, yet she emphasized the fact that the writer is able to write what they want and is not limited to other opinions. My few weeks of joining has caused me to see that this student is keen on criticism. However, the professor’s response reassured me that no matter what I may write down, I can say what I want.

This night my roommates and I spent some time on top of the parking garage riding our new longboards that we bought. After we were done, one of my roommates and I ditched the other. He was skating towards the elevator as the door was closing for us. We ran for the dorm and I looked back to see him in the longest and fastest longboarding stride ever. As clever and crazy as we thought we were, we actually didn’t go back to our room, we hid in a study room. Meanwhile, our roommate was barricading the door to our room so we couldn’t get in. When we got in we found out that our bed sheets were soaked in water. He said, “These are my tears!”

There’s nothing better than messing around with your close roommates.


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