College Day 192 – Eating a Longboard

(April 5, Tuesday)

A few days ago the food mart was selling longboards for dining dollars. This is because the college realizes that at the end of the year students have too much dining dollars to spend, which will all go to waste if not spent before April 24th. So they started selling these longboards for $125 each. I missed out on the first two batches but my roommate texted me today saying that there were stocked up again. After class I rushed over to the mart and probably spent 10 minutes deciding which one I wanted. I liked the colorful wheels but not the shape of some of the boards. I even hesitated buying one thinking it would be a waste of money. NOPE, my mother okayed it and I bought the gray longboard that I thought would suit me well.

I needed to get rid of the excess money somehow.


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