College Day 191 – Chill And Burn

(April 4, Monday)

Preceded by our very last chapel this semester, which was satisfying, I chilled with my roommate and his girlfriend at the pool. It had been a while since I got out and went to the pool. Crazy thing is, it was a nice day but it was 94 degrees! Surprisingly I didn’t get burned.

Followed by that, I had dinner with my friend and her roommates. However, I couldn’t finish my dinner. I literally only ate a few bites and felt uneasy and full. No matter, we all went back to their room and played games. I will note though, I was sitting on their couch staring out the window at the sunset. I was in my “zone” or hermit mode as you could call it. I was bothered again by my thoughts, which was inevitably about relationships. We played games and was soon accompanied by my roommate and his girlfriend. It was a fun time, but I still wasn’t completely attentive.

My good friend obviously knew something was up so I texted her asking if she would talk with me later. Her and my roommate talked alone about my thoughts regarding the girl I was interested in. I admitted that it was hard for me to be around her and remain positive and look at her through a positive viewpoint. They suggested that I should clear things up with her nearing the end of the school year. This definitely will take the needless weight off my shoulder.


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