College Day 189 – The Zoo!

(April 2, Saturday)

I had been waiting to go to a zoo for quite a while. I will say that the entire time my friends and I spent there I didn’t know the actual name of the zoo. All I know is that it was $39 per person, had a lot of birds, it was very hot, they only accepted cash for food, there was an air show in the area, and we didn’t get to see the white tiger.

My roommate and I can probably agree that the giraffes were the highlight at the zoo. Their long tongues were too gross and hilarious to watch as people fed them.

We also watched a sea-lion show by which they were still training them. They were young sea-lions so the main idea was to show how obedient and interactive they are with the trainer.

The zoo had about three aquariums, which actually were not that bad and had some interesting fish ranging from barracudas to piranhas. I was surprised at how open the entire place was considering everything but the tigers were barely contained. Kangaroos only had a rope from log to log keeping them “encaged.” Birds that couldn’t really fly were pretty much walking wherever they wanted. Monkeys outside had their own little islands. Regardless of what little yet sufficient protection there was, it really added to the feeling of it being like a wilderness of various animals.

10/10 would go to another zoo again, but definitely not for the same price.


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