College Day 188 – Fiction And Dreams

(April 1, Friday)

I spent a good hour and more talking with my good friend I met online 3ish years ago. He was eager to talk about the fictional story he was preparing and I got in the mood to talk. I shared with him the book that I read called The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman. It was such a fantastic, easy to read, informational book on publishing. I will admit that it was very intimidating at first knowing that 99% of the time your manuscript will get rejected assuming you miss at least 1 crucial criteria that doesn’t meet the editor’s high expectations. On the other hand, it really inspired me to try writing fiction. Lukeman provided plenty of real life examples of dialogue that was good/bad and would be accepted/rejected. Some of the examples were so bad that I thought I had more than a 90% chance to create something better. I have no place to assume, but reading it gave me that impression.

We also talked about poetry and about how I had a dream in which I actually made a poem. As I woke up I knew I had dreamt it and I went to write what I remembered down immediately. Unfortunately, I only got 2 or three lines worth of that beautifully dreamt up poem.

After our long discussions, he wrote a poem for me about dreams, how we lose them, relating it to snakes in some way. It was confusing near the end, but within a minute or two he added more making it into a very profound poem for how quickly he wrote it.


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