College Day 187 – Last Soccer Game

(March 31, Thursday)

This was it; the last game. I actually got my roommate and two other friends to come and spectate. It made me wonder though, since the match was at 10:15pm, why would they come tonight apart from all the other early nights? No matter, I appreciated their willingness to walk a mile or so to the field barely off campus.

Just like the previous game, I had tried my best to bypass everyone. It was not nearly as easy because this team was the very first team we played and got destroyed by. Another thing, whenever I know I am being watched by my friends I somehow get a little more nervous. I lose some focus and get too excited when I have the opportunity to make a good play. I won’t lie, we lost brutally, but I had the pleasure of letting everyone know I was a quick little guy and wouldn’t let you get the ball too easily.

I almost forgot to mention: before the game started we were practicing our shooting on goal. As some people were leaving, they were walking behind the goal a couple hundred feet. I took a shot that barely missed the top of the goal–meanwhile it was a really hard kick so it didn’t slow down in the air–and it hit a girl in the back of the head. I apologized by yelling out, “I’m sorry!” As I looked around, it seemed as if EVERYONE on the field saw what I did. My team tried to comfort me, but all I could think about was that I ruined someone’s night. What a better way to start a game than having that thought in your head?

It reminds me of when I was driving to one of my high school soccer games that I was starting in. I accidentally crashed into the back of a handicap van on a right turn. It turned out that I was more distraught and nervous than they were, and I could still drive to the game. However, that thought lingered in my head the whole game, I could’ve done better, I could’ve avoided it all.


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