College Day 186 – Thought Block

(March 30, Wednesday)

Finally the day came when I would have one of my poems critiqued. To my surprise, I actually haven’t shared it on my blog at all. However, the rhyming scheme was aabb / ccdd / eeff. That was probably the main concern (the forced rhyme) apart from the “distracting” image that I provided with it. Since it was about snow, the image surrounded the poem as if you were looking into an icy window or the top of an iced over lake.

The one thing I sort of regret is telling the professor beforehand that I considered it one of my favorites and “probably” one of my best poems. I wrote it two years ago so I have no idea what made me think about saying that. It must be because I am so caught up in all of the positive comments from peers that I feel the need to assert my own feelings towards my poems without first having them actually reviewed. I understand now, though. I told myself that I want a poem to feel satisfying as you read it and still mean something significant. I just have to keep in mind not to force words in order to make words meaningful–keep it natural.

The rest of the day consisted of me sitting for hours just thinking to myself about my personally envisioned hectic life. I had something to say and do but I couldn’t bring myself about DOING it.


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