College Day 184 – Break Away

(March 28, Monday)

As I sat back in my dorm room chair I reflected back on my Spring break and considered how I actually felt about my experience. I was unsatisfied and unhappy. It was only one week and I had so much that I wanted to do. I didn’t even get around to making my resumé and applying for a job.

The worst part was realizing the environment that I was in was not helpful at all. I need to be in an environment surrounded by young people I know that are determined and actually put in sufficient effort towards their goals. In my homely atmosphere all of my brothers remain, and all of us are over 20 and capable of getting money to live on our own. I fear that I will be in that situation, but I don’t want to be so I remain stubborn when I am inclined to be treated dependently at home.

There are other tiny factors which also come into play but I won’t mention them because they are either personal or uninteresting. Basically, my hopeful goal after my four years of college is to live alone, perhaps maybe with other young people. This includes staying away from home unless absolutely necessary or for family gathering purposes.

Believe me, Spring break was great; it just wasn’t what I needed, and the atmosphere of displacement threw me off.


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