College Day 178 – Rise and Shine

(March 13, Sunday)

This was it, the big day. Two essays to write and around 15 hours for both. I forced my not-so-innocent body to wake up at 8:30am and write my benchmark essay without stopping and distraction. I am happy to say that I finished–with a solid 4 hours of deep research, theological studying, and writing–at 12:30pm just in time for lunch.

My return back to my room was followed by my final touches to the essay and then began my research on Buddhism. I finished the last essay close to 6pm but I would have finished much earlier had I not been taking breaks to talk with friends and my mom. I laughed by telling my mom I thought it was funny that my oldest brother, before I entered college, emphasized the importance of starting homework and essays days before they are due. And here I am, starting and finishing two essays the day they are due. Honestly, I am waiting for the day when I find my limit and am forced to break my procrastination habits.

Lastly, I had my first flash of homesickness. It wasn’t one nearly close to sadness, but I was listening to music and was excited to go home and see my parents and my brothers once again. I had many ideas about what I wanted to do with my brothers when I would return in order to reconnect and have a good time.

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